My Fictional Journey: A Short Story Blog

Welcome to my blog.

Everything that follows this post is a work of fiction. Hogwash, hooey, make believe, fantasy,  farce…well you get the idea. Each short story will be unique. I hope to eventually cover all the genres. My goal for you, the reader, is to experience every conceivable emotion, and, ultimately, to be entertained. You may not like every story I tell, and that’s OK, I won’t either. I do not intend to please every reader with every story, but if you keep reading, I hope you will find at least one that tickles your fancy.

The stories will be, as I said, short. However, they may span multiple posts if necessary(I do, after all, have to cater to your ever diminishing attention span). They will vary in length, content, style, and mood. No two should be alike, offering a wide choice for my readers.

At some point I will purge details of myself. But, not now. For now I will remain a mystery. A shadow. An unnamed entity. For now I have no face, no gender, no age, no race. The details of my life are unimportant and I wish it not sway your pleasure (or displeasure) in reading my work.

For now you can call me Misa.


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